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Carry-On Must Haves For Your Vacation With Your Beau

Carry-On Must Haves For Your Vacation With Your Beau

The proper packing of a travel bag is a skill that takes time to perfect unless you’re one of those people who flies in and out. Regardless of whether you’re packing a tote bag backpack or wheeled bag, it’s what’s inside that counts. So, we’ve put together a list of absolute must-packs and some personal recommendations for the best travel experience.

When packing, you’ll first want to focus on creating a seamless airport experience and things like a travel wallet and an easily accessibly toilet kit will help you stay organized. Here are some of the essentials we’ve put together for you.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated no matter your mode of travel is very important. Be it a bus, train or an aircraft, a water bottle is always a must-have while you’re travelling.

Neck Pillow

Conventional, U-shaped travel pillows work for some people. Travelers might experience neck pain especially while going off long distance. A neck pillow is guaranteed to keep that neck in place.

Eye Mask

You definitely don’t want the light hitting your eye while you fall asleep. An eye mask will give you that sleep your body demands.


Block out the noise while travelling and listen to your favorite tunes while travelling. Don’t forget to carry your earphones while travelling.


When you plan a trip for long number of days, you need to carry the essential products that you use on a daily basis. Your perfumes should be stored properly so that they don’t leak. Even the face wash could spill in the entire suitcase or bag. Always carry a toiletry bag while serves the purpose of keeping all your toiletries in check.

Universal Adaptor Plug/Portable Charger

If you’re taking an international trip, the power sockets in the other countries will not be similar as to those in India. In that case, you need to carry a universal plug to charge your phone. Or, a portable charger would be handier to keep your phones and laptops charged.

Multiple Storage Boxes

Carry your medicines in case of emergencies, and what could be better for first -aid than plastic storage box which comes with multiple pockets? You can store the medicines according to the dosage you will need in a separated box. Also, you will have separate areas for keeping bandage and other necessary items.


We are all aware that we have to apply sunscreen when we plan for a day by the water at the beach or pool.  Frequent travelers should be especially watchful.  If you are headed out for a day of urban sightseeing, you might not realize how much sun exposure you are getting by popping in and out of museums and tourist attractions.  Make sure to pack and use your sunscreen no matter where your travels are taking you this summer.

Multipurpose Shoes

Ensure you carry quality, comfortable pair of shoes with solid support. This is the pair of shoes you’ll be sporting the majority of the time, so it needs to be comfortable. Pack shoes that serves all purposes.

Travel Iron

You should know that you don’t have to wear wrinkled up clothes anymore because of travel irons available in the market. They are even quite inexpensive. You can easily pack it in your suitcase as it won’t take much space because of the foldable handle. You do want to look nice when you are traveling, don’t you?


A pair of sunglasses is a must when you are travelling. Even when the weather forecast predicts rain, you’ve got to carry your shades with you. Stylish glasses not only protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, they are most efficient in giving you a trendy look overall. You are bound to look good and feel good sporting a stylish pair of shades. 

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